Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Cover art for my next book!

I received the finalized cover art for "The Quilter's Scandalous Past." Take a look!

In reading the chatter on the author forums, once in a while the subject of cover art comes up, with writers relating their best and worst experiences. I don't know if I've just been lucky, but so far I've been more than pleased with every cover they've designed for me.


  1. Very nice! It must be thrilling to see your books in print.

  2. It's like they found you a kindred spirit to do your artwork.

  3. Please enjoy this special collector's edition of "The Book with the Big Mistake"? Could the title possibly go viral simply because every one wants a good laugh?

  4. I am amused at you writing about a quilter when I distinctly remember you commenting in the past that you do not like to sew !!! Somebody likes to live vicariously!
    Mending is tedious. Quilting is sort of like writing IF it's creative. Can't wait to read about the quilter.

    1. LOL -- It is **absolutely** living vicariously. I adore the quilting arts and admire quilters passionately. But it still takes an act of Congress to get me to pick up a needle and thread.

      - Patrice