Thursday, December 8, 2022

Bop it? Twist it?

Almost ten years ago, we transitioned to an all-cash lifestyle. As a result, I seldom use a credit card anymore (except for online purchases). On the rare occasions I use the credit card in a retail environment, I'm baffled by how the durn thing works. Seriously. The technology keeps changing.

So when I saw this, it cracked me up. So true!


  1. I agree with you, Patrice. Recently my grandson was having difficulty with his card at the hardware store checkout. After several tries the system activated and he was able to leave with his purchase. We discovered, much to our dismay, that the checkout device had electronically grabbed the information from my debit card, which was in his shirt pocket, and has the newest, just wave it at the checkout, chip. Those RF shields that they advertise are really desirable.

  2. I was getting my debit card hacked 9 times in 6 months. I canceled my card and got those sleeves and an RFID wallet, plus an RFID pocket in my purse. So my credit cards are now in an RFID sleeve in and RFID wallet in an RFID purse. Haven't been hacked since. There are those who go around with a scanner just walking by you and grabbing your info and the police would do nothing to help even though I had mail addressed to the person which came to my house. They used my debit to get a credit search done for an apartment in Maine. I live in NE WA so was definitely not me, bank knew this and reversed the charges.

  3. I had my debit card hacked in August, September and October. I was charged for purchases in Tractor supply stores in Tenessee and boot stores in Texas. Chase Bank refunded the money and investigated. I no longer buy anything online and n ok w I use RFID sleeves, wallet , and purse.

    1. I went to the bank and asked for a credit card with a $1000 limit for shopping on the internet. It has worked well so far. They knew about the hacking of course I had in the past and said this seemed like a good idea. It has a higher interest rate since it is smaller but frankly i pay it off monthly.