Tuesday, August 16, 2022

On this date in history

I just saw an article that on this date in history, Elvis Presley died.

I was 14 years old on that date in 1977, and I remember it well – not because I was an Elvis Presley fan (my obsession was with John Denver), but because of a diary entry I made on that date.

Like many teenage girls, I kept a diary at the time. When I heard the solemn news that The King had "died of an erratic heart disease," I duly recorded in my diary that Presley had "died of an erotic heart disease."

When I found that diary years later, I burst out laughing. Eratic. Erotic. Fourteen-year-old me didn't know the difference.

Just your chuckle du jour.


  1. My 18 year old cousin and I (17 at the time) were driving to our summer job in a uniform factory. Her words were, "He's the same age as my daddy, 42".
    Her daddy died in October of that year at 42. Those words have stuck with me ever since.
    Rest In Peace, uncle Sonny.

  2. I was 17 yrs old and in Army basic at Ft Lost-in-the-Woods in the State of Misery* when he passed. We didn't hear about it until a week after. Didn't have much time to dwell on it though as Drill Sargent Keith had my attention. Or rather I had his which didn't quite fit my "Keep a low profile" mentality.

    *Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri

  3. I was at SUB BASE New London, CT, when I heard the passing of the King. Was there as part of Midshipman training from the Naval Academy...the Navy's "Show and Tell" to assist in the Mid's decision for (post USNA) career selection.
    Was lying in my rack when the sad news came over the radio.