Thursday, August 18, 2022

My new book cover

The Harlequin team is moving ahead with my next inspirational romance release. My original working title was "The Runaway." They renamed it "The Mysterious Amish Nanny." Eh, the title is okay, but whatever.

But where they outdid themselves is the cover art.

Here's the front and back cover:

I don't know what it is about this cover, but I just love it. I asked my editor to pass on my compliments to the Art Department.

This new book won't be officially released until January, though I believe it will be available in mid-December.

Meanwhile, the book after this (which has a May 2023 release date) has been given an official title: "The Quilter's Scandalous Past." My original working title was "The Forgiveness Quilt." Once again I'm not crazy about the title, but I understand (a) they're trying to add a bit of intrigue, and (b) they have literally thousands of other titles in print and have to find something unique. That's why I'm not fussed about whatever title they chose. I'm working on the assumption Harlequin knows what it's doing.

I'm at a funny juncture at the moment, with multiple books literally in the pipeline. One book is getting ready to be released ("The Mysterious Amish Nanny"); another is at the stage where artwork, title, and copy edits are in the works ("The Quilter's Scandalous Past"); I just turned in the full manuscript for a third (working title, "The Thomas Redemption"), and the proposal for a fourth is due in a month (working title, "Miriam's Story"). After that, I have three more books in my contract. Busy busy!

I tell ya, I'm having the time of my life with these romances. It is such a privilege to write for the Love Inspired line. The editors, copy editors, interns, and other personnel I've dealt with so far have been incredible.


  1. I have really liked all of your offerings, I look forward to many more.

  2. "Miriam's Story: Amish Nanny by Day, Hollywood Hooker by Night" oh come on, anyone would buy that. "Can Thomas Be Redeemed by the Love of a Good Woman, Spoiler Alert, YES" Paypal to the usual address, thanks.

  3. I think your titles are more appropriate for Amish/Mennonite inspired books. The last title especially .
    There's a reason I feel that way.

    A few months ago I went to T-town, ( Tuscaloosa, Al.), to hit some box stores and specifically Barnes and Nobles looking for your latest book. It's a drive, a day spent, and there was only one disappointment. Barnes and Noble. I went to the Christian section and through all the books there . Nothing of yours.
    Now I'm wondering if I should have gone to the regular "romance" section , which normally I avoid like the plague. I don't like to spend $ on books I won't keep. Or worse yet , throw out before finishing because of content. I just assumed your books would be in the Christian section, and since it wasn't, left without asking.
    So are they thinking to appeal to the general public?
    If so, maybe they can be a help to some readers who have lost their way.
    However. I love The Way, The Truth, and The Life and for books prefer to the spot

    1. My clumsy fingers hit "pu lish" instead of finishing my last sentence.
      Anyway, I've never seen Harlequin in the Christian section so next trip I'll inquire which section they're in. Maybe hit pay dirt.
      The cover is a lot better than the new title.
      And it is fabulous that your publisher is so well known.

  4. Stick to your titles, Patrice. Much, much better.

    1. Unfortunately I have no choice. That's one thing Harlequin authors do NOT get to do -- name their own books. Oh well, it's a little bit of detriment that goes with a lot of benefits.

      - Patrice

  5. Patrice Lewis, I love all your books, I am looking forward to reading your new book The mysterious Amish Nanny book by you, Love the cover, deb McCauley