Monday, August 29, 2022

A clatter of hooves

Early one morning, we heard a clatter of hooves on the gravel road near our house. Mr. Darcy went nuts. I dashed out onto the deck and saw a cow and calf elk. By the time I could grab my camera, they had leaped the fence into a neighbor's property and were near the edge of the woods.

Very quickly they disappeared from sight.

But a day or two later, I noticed this magnificent boy standing at the edge of our woods, eating apples from a tree.

It was dusky, and my camera was having a hard time focusing in the dim light and at such a distance. But wow, was he gorgeous!

After posing majestically for a few minutes...

...he turned and made his way out of sight.

I noticed his antlers were still in velvet, so the rutting season hasn't started yet. But most definitely, the elk are moving down from the high country. Don called it right when he "called fall" a few days ago.


  1. Once again you have blessed us with gorgeous photos. Thanks

  2. What beautiful wildlife! How incredible to be able to see this on a regular basis!

  3. It is fun to watch the elk rear up on their hind legs to pick apples. Sometimes a tree in the middle of the field will have 3-4 animals at once.