Monday, February 14, 2022

Packed to the gills, eh?

We're not big on celebrating Valentine's Day in our family. It's just never been our thing.

So I thought this observation from Older Daughter was hilarious: "I just want to express how funny it is that I've gone to two grocery stores today and they're packed to the gills with men. Man after man after man, clutching a dozen roses and a box of chocolates."

I want to emphasize this message was sent at 3:35 pm on Valentine's Day.

Packed to the gills, eh? Yep, funny.


  1. I was in a Publix on Friday afternoon and the Valentine section was exploding with balloons, pastries, boxes of candy, cut flowers, potted flowers and other stuff. There was no room to walk. Tommy went in on Sunday and same situation. I went into another Publix on Valentine's afternoon and the place was swamped, also. I was looking for a certain milk, not shopping.

  2. I ran to pick up a few things and noticed chaos even before I entered the store. Evidently the men there today were even having difficulty maneuvering through the grocery store parking lot. Actually it appeared to be a race for the closest parking spaces with no one willing to budge.

    One man in a four door, long bed, pickup truck was unable to back up enough to easily get out of his parking space. He was forced to pull across a few spaces in order to get out of the way of others. Well, that seemed to make another man decide that he wasn’t moving, and he was blocking my lane also. We were side-by-side with the bed of his truck angled in front of me and blocking everyone else from moving. Cars stacked up behind me. My lane started crowding into the cars parked to our right. Mr. Big Truck finally had enough room to leave. The spaces he had taken were immediately filled. I drove to the far end of the lot and parked.

    Once I got past the floral section just inside the door, everything was good…until I tried squeezing around the end near the checkout lanes to get to another aisle.

    By the time I checked out, the crowd was gone. I know the cashier and the lady bagging my groceries (She’s actually one of the store managers.) and was talking to them. I commented about how busy it was. They both said that it was a few minutes ago. We all three said at the same time that a lot of men had just gotten off work.

    I live in a very small town. I can’t imagine what it’s like in cities.

  3. My local grocery store was almost out of candy Sunday night.
    They had lots of flowers at $50 a bunch, but they didn't look worth it...

  4. My sister and her husband went to the store and picked out cards, exchanged them and put them back. I thought that was clever and didn't cost a dime but the sentiment was expressed.

  5. This happens at Christmas too. Years ago on Christmas Eve I was at my mother's house, who was not and has never been the Suzy Homemaker type, and was trying to clean the kitchen. No dish towels. The only towel I could find was one on the shower rack in her bathroom, along with her wash cloth. She just never saw the use in spending $ on that sort of thing. (World travel? Yes)
    Anyway, back then there was no Walmart around. There was a nearby mall with a Sears and Penny's and it was one hour before that mall closed. I raced over to buy towels, dishcloths, and washcloths before it closed.

    The mall was full of men. There was a group outside of Victoria's Secret which clearly had been picked clean, and the men had that deer in the headlights look on all their faces.
    In fact, I never saw a female in that large mall except behind counters doing their jobs. Men were darting around everywhere with slack jawed looks of horror on their faces.
    I almost couldn't find what I needed either but finally found a matching set of towels and some dishcloths. If necessary I could have borrowed from a neighbor, but I won't ever forget the experience of seeing all those men trying to get last minute presents for wives and girlfriends. It was priceless. I've always wondered what they finally came up with!

  6. One of those men would have been my husband.