Friday, February 4, 2022

Attack of the evening grosbeaks

A few days ago, I saw the first evening grosbeak of the season at the feeder.

"Aww, how cute," I thought, and snapped a picture. I've seen them back at the feeder in groups of three or four since then.

Then this morning I heard a sort of whump and a commotion. I looked out the window to see a huge flock of evening grosbeaks. Yowza!

I've never seen so many at one time. I couldn't even begin to get them all in one photo. I did a hasty count and came up with over three dozen.

Then, woosh! They all flew off in a cloud, and I haven't seen them back in those quantities since. Sheesh, what was all that about?

Attack of the evening grosbeaks. Drama at the bird feeder.


  1. I feel like you should have had "Ride of The Valkyries" playing in the background.

  2. The title theme from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" comes to mind.

  3. Their yearly migration has begun.

  4. While mine were quiet and not on the porch I did see perhaps a dozen Common Redpolls at my south feeder yesterday. That is pretty good for the 'frozen tundra' as of late!