Thursday, October 7, 2021

Requiem for a tree

On a property near us was an enormous solitary dead tree.

We liked this tree.

There was something splendid about its gaunt skeleton. You can just see it on the left in this photo I took last April:

Here it is as a backdrop to our resident herd of elk last February:

Sadly the elderly owner of this property passed away a couple months ago. His daughter has been spending time at the house, fixing it up, preparing it for winter, and otherwise getting it ready to go on the market next spring.

You can guess what happened next.

She had the tree removed.

We can't blame her, really. I'm sure she thought the tree was an eyesore, and in the interest of making the property more saleable, it was best to remove it.

But we'll miss it.

Now the property is more valuable, but the view is a little poorer.


  1. Yes, it was an old snag, but it carried character. A focal point. It seems somewhat dreary now with it gone.

  2. Two of my neighbors died and the people who bought each of the houses "fixed them up." It was sad to see the character go. Actually, both were sound.

  3. I would love information regarding the sale of this property.

  4. I totally understand. We have a big old oak on it's last living branch. DH doesn't understand why it's still standing after every big wind. Not much for leaves to catch the wind is my reasoning. I'd be fine with it remaining until the last bit of it hits the ground on its own even if it IS in the front yard right by the highway. I'll miss it when it does finally come down, as will the bald eagles that sit in it in winter to check out the fields across the road.