Saturday, April 10, 2021

Remember, tankards are available

Our tankard business is mostly shut down thanks to COVID restrictions (all our wholesale venues are closed), but as a reminder we have some pieces available on Etsy.

Just so everyone knows, these tankards are suitable for either hot or cold beverages. We do NOT recommend they be placed in the dishwasher (hand-washing only), and never ever put them in a microwave. Otherwise they're tough as nails and will last for years (decades in some cases) with good care.

The fun thing is the current inventory was made by Older Daughter, who hopes (once the pandemic eases up) to take over most or all of the business in upcoming years. She spent last summer apprenticing with Don, learning the tools, and this batch is her creation.

Everything we have is on the Etsy page. Once they're gone, they're gone. Check it out!


  1. I've always loved those!

  2. I could also see a market for flower vases made from the tankard design, perhaps another niche market for OD.
    There is nothing similar out there. Would be gorgeous.


  3. Forgive me if my memory isn't so good anymore, but wasn't OD developing her career as a nanny? Or did that market die with the plandemic too? It is a wise idea though to pick up a business where you can build something useful at home, smart girl.