Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Prepper conventions – status?

This morning I was musing on the subject of preparedness conventions/expos, and thinking to myself that any such events held this year could potentially be huge.

I mean honestly attendance would be through the roof, wouldn't it? There is an enormous interest out there by people wanting to learn more about preparedness.

Yet ironically, at the time when they're most needed, many such venues are either closed or postponed, or simply went out of existence. I clicked on a number of websites for big events, only to find they haven't been updated since 2021 (or in one case, since 2018). Others have gone "virtual," holding webinars and such. But in-person events? Not so easy to find.

So if anyone knows of a prepper expo that is up and running in 2021 (I'm talking about in-person venues, not "virtual" events), please let us know by providing the name, dates, location, and website.


  1. Mother Earth News is having two events. One in PA and one in Texas, both in the fall. I'm sorry I don't know the exact dates although I've signed up for the one in PA


    Tara Dodrill -

  3. Agreed Patrice. In a lot of ways, there is interest like never before.

  4. I’m excited to attend Panhandle Preparedness Expo this year.
    Oct 2-3, 2021

    1. Thanks for posting this. We are probably going to go now. We just moved to north Idaho from the treasure valley and are loving it up here.

  5. I think everything in MI just got cancelled again. Sigh.

  6. North Carolina, near Lake Lure:

    Buy your tickets early...they will sell out.

  7. Anyone know of any closer to the middle of the country?

  8. Not exactly a "prepper" event but Peak Prosperity is holding a farming workshop weekend at Joel Salatin's farm in June.

  9. Heritage Life Skills IX
    May 21-23, 2021
    Waynesville, NC