Country Living Series

Friday, March 12, 2021

Oh the frustration.....

I'm not sure Mr. Darcy likes our new home.

Why, you may ask? Well, there is so much wildlife around here and he's not allowed to chase any of it. Oh, the frustration!

Today, for example, we had both deer and turkeys in the yard at the same time.

He stared out the deck door, but couldn't see much.

He tried to look out the side window, but it's just a bit too high for him to see a whole lot. So I put a chair down so he could prop up his front legs and see better.

But he still whined and complained because we wouldn't let him outside to chase anything.

Oh the frustration!


  1. It does seem that you have more wildlife in your new abode.

  2. After you get enough wildlife damage, that may change.

  3. We have this at a much smaller level. Poppy The Great is forever wanting to go out and drive away the squirrels. We have to make noises when we unlock the door to let her out, lest she catch a squirrel by surprise (it has happened).

  4. Was he allowed to go out at your last house? If so, he may be sad he cannot go out at all.

  5. We have a huge picture window but still out of reach for our pup, so I have placed a stuffed chair covered with a quilt and have a pillow on that, she likes nothing better than to sit there and check out the horsey, the name we give any and all larger 4 legged creatures, like deer and moose. She gets just like Mr. Darcy, riveted. Maybe a short platform for Mr. Darcy would help him. LOL

  6. Here in the Hamptons, we have so many turkeys and deer it's ridiculous. My foxhound once got out of our yard and streaked chasing a deer. We have a 1300 acre nature preserve north of us so it was pretty hard finding her. Even then, she was annoyed I put a leash on her and insisted on taking her home. Boy, I cramp that dog's style.

  7. Howdy Mr. Darcy! Soon will be the day that badgers, squirrel's, and prairie dogs become the focus. Until then, patience retriever, and have Mom give you a big stick!

  8. From Don

    Patrice's post leaves out a few things that might seem to make us seem pretty heartless. Firstly, we only been here 3 months (in the heart of winter). Secondly, We take Darcy out on a lead at least 5 times a day. Finally, I got 30 16-foot cattle panels, rolls of field fence and assorted posts and 2x6's which will shortly provide Darcy with a lovely (and big) yard.

  9. Nothing can pout like a dog that thinks it's hard done by...