Monday, March 22, 2021

Tackiest hotel room on the planet

Last July, I tucked aside an interesting link entitled "Take This Tour Of The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room" featuring the "Empathy Suite" at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. It is considered the most extravagant, luxurious, and certainly the most expensive hotel suite on the planet.

At 9,000 square feet, it is effectively a two-story mansion in the sky, encompassing the 34th and 35th floors of the casino resort. It costs $100,000 per night, with a two-night minimum.

You can't just book this hotel suite. You must apply, after which the hotel staff will do its due diligence to make sure you can afford it. Perks include a 24-hour on-call butler, chauffeured car service, and a bartender.

The rooms feature original art pieces by artist Damien Hirst, whose focus in this suite is centered on two themes: butterflies and medicine. Yes really.

The first Hirst art piece you see walking into the suite is ... a medicine cabinet.

See how artfully the items are arranged with dazzling color coordination? Isn't it lovely?

But my favorite part was the hotel room's bar.

Looks classy, right? Until you see what the bar top features:

Medical waste. Yes, you read that right: The bar top features medical waste. Not, we are hastily assured, used medical waste, but medical waste just the same. When we saw this, both Don and I cracked up laughing.

This feature, folks, is what made me realize having money does NOT necessarily translate to having class.

Putting aside the preponderance of pill-themed wallpaper...

...the most pervasive artistic feature of the various rooms are butterflies.

Personally I think all these butterflies are better suited to a teenage girl's bedroom, and the medical waste is just plain creepy, so now you can guess what kind of art cretin I am.

The most notable feature of the suite is the balcony swimming pool, cantilevered out from the building 34 stories up. Kinda spiffy if you're not afraid of heights. It is unfortunately strewn with more teenage-girl butterflies, but the view is pretty cool.

Go watch the video. It's very interesting, and it leaves you with a profound sense of gratitude that you're not so wealthy that you can spend a minimum of $200,000 to be surrounded by butterflies and medical waste.


  1. There was a site called "Vigilant Citizen" that did a blog on this room and conspiracy theories that could be drawn from it. It was disturbing.

  2. Are you sure the "application" isn't for a mental facility and the resort is checking your insurance?

  3. Wow. I thought I was out of touch with the modern world, but perhaps much more than I anticipated...

  4. The fools and their money are soon parted.

  5. WOW...only self serving idiots would go here..It is gaudy and I am Blessed to not have money to go to this circus show.

  6. I want to laugh, but I can’t stop shaking my head. If that’s art, maybe my little grandson’s diaper is too. 😂

  7. Even if I had the money I would not stay in this wreck of a "Modern Art" suite. If I pay that kind of money, I want an Old English Manner House with Burled walnut veneer, think tapestry hanging, a Knight's armor standing upright in the corner... you get the idea.

    1. Hahahaha, now that's an unbelievably tacky cliche. Also you mean "manor" and the armor is gonna be fake, guaranteed.

  8. This made me look up the definition of "art."

    No, this ain't art. It is what it is, starts with a g and usually carried off to the landfill.

  9. They're not paying for it. Their companies are. Or their sports teams. Or it's being comped.

  10. That's just terrible.

  11. That does not provide much solace or relief, much what I want in a motel room. Tacky does not adequately describe it. Who wants pill wallpaper? An addict? Hypochondriac?

  12. That is ridiculously over the top gaudy and tacky... It makes the most expensive rooms in NYC look cheap and classy:

  13. Post Alley CrackpotMarch 27, 2021 at 12:00 AM

    "You can't just book this hotel suite. You must apply, after which the hotel staff will do its due diligence to make sure you can afford it."

    That's not why they do it, but it makes for good public relations to say that's why they do it.

    It's also not the only Monarch Programming Centre you can find within some hotel's offerings.

    There's one that's almost as disturbing in Portland, complete with butterfly symbolism.

    You probably never even knew it was there.

    You've very likely walked past that hotel in Portland without giving it so much as a first thought, let alone a second.

    As for the price, it's no accident.

    The price exists so you and people like you don't book it accidentally as upscale standard accommodations.

    The hotel has its own ideas of what people like us means with regard to that particular room.

    In general, you are not in the target demographic for this type of "edgy" experience, nor would it be likely that you'd ever be near the target demographic.

    Be absolutely delighted that this is the case.