Sunday, January 10, 2021

Technical difficulties, please stand by

Thanks to a series of unfortunate events (this is the last time I ever try to alter a security feature!) on my email account, I am locked out of my email for an entire month.

No, this isn't a result of Big Tech's massive bloodbath purge on half of America. It's simply (cough cough) user error.

To those readers who communicate with me by email, please forgive the silence since I cannot see your emails. I had to hastily set up a temporary email for urgent communications, but hopefully it's just that -- temporary.

It's also awkward because all email addresses of people I normally communicate with (including family members) are all on my email account. That means I'll have to get some roundabout means of getting important email addresses.

Ah, the joys of being a technological idiot...


  1. It's one of the reasons I keep a printed copy of all email addresses.

  2. All the tech stuff is set up for techno-wizards to operate, not NORMAL people. That's why they never fix anything when you complain; it works for THEM!

  3. Patrice, I have had to now change an e-mail for my account twice because I have forgotten the passwords (or in one case, it just went out of business). It happens. I really have to write down these things anymore.

  4. This is why everything should be backed up in the cloud.

    1. I prefer hard copy back-up or on something in my possession. If you have problems with your computer, then how do you access the cloud.

      But, I am also a little paranoid. To me, the cloud is like me storing my hard copies at someone's else's office which makes it more accessible to other people. Old school will do that to you.

      kathy in MS

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