Wednesday, January 27, 2021

RIP Cloris Leachman

Another sad note as 2021 dawns: the actress Cloris Leachman has passed away.

While her screen credits are numerous, I most fondly remember her as the incomparable Frau Blücher in "Young Frankenstein."


She also played Madame Defarge in "History of the World Part I," and who could forget her as Granny in the 1993 remake of "The Beverly Hillbillies"?

Rest in peace, Frau Blücher.


  1. RIP Cloris! Great tribute Patrice!

  2. She played so many different characters ! When she was young she did not seem to care that her part in a movie would show her as old or without makeup or what ever was needed. She was willing to do whatever was needed for the part to seem authentic. She was a very good actress. :) Sarah

  3. When my husband told me of her passing, I replied that though she had many role she would probably be best remembered for Frau Blucher. RIP Cloris, your were great.

  4. And I just saw Cecily Tyson just died. :(