Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Me thinks Mr. Darcy is getting used to his new home.


  1. He is the sweetest pup, handsome too!

  2. You can say its the home, but it is being near his 'Peeps'! You and Don are there and he is content to be nearby. Three black labs in 39 years. There is often the touch thing - whether a paw, part of the back or hip, the tip of the tail or a head in your lap - some part in contact with a part of you is heavenly contentment to a good dog. :-)

  3. I would say so!
    He looks SO soft!

  4. He's such a cute dog! Love seeing pictures of him and happy to hear he likes his new home. New adventures for Mr. Darcy on the way!

  5. Just read your letter to Mr. Trump. Thank you; right to the point. As we all watch the treason act out right in front of our eyes, I certainly pray that Americans remove their heads from rectal defilade and realize exactly what is going on and why.

    On your new home: I certainly hope that when you sold the old homestead that not only did you make enough to liquidate ALL of your debts, but that more than enough was left over for you to pay CASH for the new place so that you DO NOT have a mortgage, especially since you have said that some of your cash flows are drying up. And especially considering what our slavemasters have planned for us financially and property ownership-wise.

    It's bad enough that the vermin that are now completely in control of OUR Country have saddled us with income tax and property tax, but to have to pay a mortgage with interest and penalties on top of that is more than
    an insult, it's slavery.

    The very best thing that ALL Americans can do at this point in time is to remove ourselves from the babylonian financial system that enslaves US, and that rewards the people that have placed these chains on us (as an aside, it is wonderful seeing these people getting a financial comeuppance via GameStop).

    So, all the best on the new homestead, and I hope you are debt and mortgage free.