Sunday, July 12, 2020

Lotsa birds

We have lots of birds hanging around, often in a half-grown state.

Here are a couple of half-grown robins:

...with an alert parent bird nearby, keeping an eye on things:

At this stage, the fledglings are still being fed by the parents.

Here's a swallow fledgling (possibly a bank swallow, but it was very far away) clamoring for food.

This is an immature barn swallow.

I photographed what I thought was a pair of sparrows perched on a wire fence, gobbling grass seeds. Note the streaked breasts.

These are what my ornithology professor used to call "LBJs" (Little Brown Jobbies) in class because there are so many anonymous little brown birds which are notoriously hard to identify. I thought at first they were Fox or Lincoln sparrows...

...but note the dull yellow streaks in the wings and tail. I'm thinking they're pine siskins. Anyone know for sure?

A pair of hoary redpolls (male and female).

And a showy male, by himself.

And a couple of half-grown California quail.

It's fun to watch all the babies grow up.


  1. Patrice,

    The little birds with yellow feathers and brown streaks are Pine Siskins.

    Thank You for sharing your birds with us.

    Avalanche Lily

  2. Well, your little Spinus Pinus has caused my faith in the Audubon Society to fall considerably. I looked in my Audubon Official Guide, and nada; not in sparrows, not in Finches, NOT in Gold Finches, and NOT under Pine Siskin or Spinus Pinus either. Had to go on-line to find the little devil.

    So, the little yellow "chevrons" are the identifier from the other Finches....

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Saw some California Quail when I was home earlier this month. It is the first time in years I have seen them. I love watching them scuttle.