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Monday, April 13, 2020

Yes, Don's blog is down

I've received many, many comments from readers expressing concern because Don's blog -- the Daily Malcontent -- is down.

Fear not! Everything's fine.

What happened, actually, is he got bored with it. Don is an excellent writer, but he's not a "driven" on (as I am). So, after six months of nearly daily posts, he just got tired of messing with it and decided to take the whole thing down.

He's keeping all the posts, of course, just in case he wants to use one someday to further develop a theme or topic. He says he's "off to other projects that are dearer to his heart ... or his temperament. Or something like that."

Don asked me to express his thanks to all his faithful readers.


  1. Please let Don know that I will miss his posts and phenomenal sense of humor! I wish him well in his next adventure.

  2. I really enjoyed his posts, but can understand why he would like to step away.

  3. Bummers! It was always a fun read, but I too quickly change course.

  4. I always looked forward to reading his blog. I'll miss it.

  5. I enjoyed his writings a lot, and am glad that he shared with us for a while. I understand why he stopped, a lot of us are the same way. Oh, well - onward to new horizons!

  6. I looked nearly daily for Don's view of the world. I too, will miss it. Thanks for the time it lasted!! Natokadn

  7. A little inconsiderate if I may. He wanted to build a readership and was. One day he gets bored and 'poof' he is gone. No warning or message left for a few days to say I am ending his blog. I know he paid for it and the time. It wasn't in good taste.

  8. I too will miss his posts. I really liked reading here and then reading his. Thanks for the time and effort Don.
    SJ in Vancouver BC