Monday, April 6, 2020

How to deter theft

A friend sent this. Made me chuckle.

Notably this was photographed in San Francisco. At least they have a sense of humor about it....


  1. Yeah; San Francisco. Kill 'em with bees, but use a gun, and you go to jail!... unless you're a repeatedly deported illegal immigrant felon who "finds" a gun and "accidentally" shoots an innocent tourist at Fisherman's Warf...

  2. Now, that is funny but actually a good idea. Now, who will fill the purse with bees for me?

  3. Love it! When we moved to Minnesota my husband's truck had gas siphoned out of it the first week or so. After we put up a USMC flag we haven't been bothered again. We didn't know it would be a deterrent but it sure has helped!

  4. My brother in law and his cousin were waiting for my now sister law to get off work. (Early '80s) Midnight, truck off and they were dozing in cab. Saw kids trying to siphon - checking vehicles. Quiety waited..waited..
    When the kid had has his cheeks emptied and starting to suck again on his pick up, BIL started his engine. Don't know who the kids were - they scattered. BIL got a hose and gas can out of the deal! Natokadn

  5. Funny post.

    Just tried to read Don's blog and there was an error message, fyi
    SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. Me too. I'm disappointed. I really enjoy his posts.
      CH in Illinois