Thursday, December 26, 2019

A quiet Christmas

Well, we had a quiet but lovely Christmas. We had our major celebration two weeks ago when Younger Daughter was home and my parents were able to visit, so by contrast our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were quiet affairs indeed.

We invited some neighbors to a late lunch on Christmas Eve. I made a simple chicken pot pie.

Older Daughter got clever with the dinner napkins again.

Is this darling or what?

In the evening, we went to church in town (not our usual church), the same place where Don sang in the choir performance a couple weeks ago.

The music director pulled together any choir members present and they sang one song.

Lots of good hearty traditional carols, the last one sung by candlelight.

Christmas Day we were invited by some friends to have dinner with them, along with some other friends.

We all chuckled at how their cats enjoyed lying around their wood stove.

In the evening, we were able to talk with Younger Daughter at her overseas duty station, where she's fighting a bad cold but otherwise having a fun time with lots of military parties.

So despite the quietness of the days, we had a very nice time indeed.

Merry Christmas, and remember the Reason for the Season!

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