Sunday, December 29, 2019

A-hiking we will go

These are my new hiking boots.

They are a Christmas gift from Younger Daughter. I've been using them a lot lately, since Older Daughter and I have been hitting the hiking trails in nearby Heyburn State Park.

Yesterday was one such example. We'd had a couple inches of snow, and Older Daughter wanted to photograph the lake from the height of the Indian Cliffs trail, so off we went.

The trees at the lower elevations had lovely traces of snow.

It was very cold, about 22F, but by the time we hit the first switchback, I was already stripped down to my T-shirt and wearing a sweat band around my forehead. (Ah, the wonders of menopause. I have my own built-in thermonuclear reactor wherever I go.)

As predicted, the views from the top were fabulous.

Way below us, we saw flocks of coots on the water's edge.

This photo shows some of the steepness involved in getting to the top on this hike.

Older Daughter also caught some of the beauty of the scenery on her camera.

The deepwater channels aren't yet frozen.

Mr. Darcy just loves these hikes, but thinks we're not getting from Point A to Point B fast enough to suit him.

On the downhill side, we had to watch our footing on the snowy trail -- especially with an eager dog wanting to go faster faster faster.

Nothing like a hike in cold weather to get the blood warm!

And just for giggles, here's what happens when Chuck Norris goes hiking:


  1. Last time I saw coots on the waters edge was at Ft. Meyers Beach down in Florida. Didn't look like those.--ken

  2. Hi Patrice,

    Recently, I was watching a Southern lady comedian on YouTube, Jeanne Robertson, and she referred to her hot flashes as having her "own personal summer" When I heard that I laughed hysterically, because it is so true. I had never heard it being referred to in that way! Hang in there it could take as long as ten years for it to pass, so I hear. :(

    Karen M.

  3. The Hormone Shift by Dawn Cutillo. You don't have to buy her stuff, a less expensive cream works beautifully and makes my feet SO soft). Her analogy of progesterone and estrogen having a parent and child relationship made the whole ordeal finally make sense.

  4. You don't have to post the previous- it was just for you anyway.

  5. So enjoy reading your posts and Don's blog which made me laugh out loud several times today. I know you're not New Englanders but his humor reminds me of that. Wishing you the best regarding selling your house and potential move plus your writing adventures.
    Ramona from a transplanted NE'r in NC.

  6. Love the pictures...I have commented many many times on your posts, but for some reason all of them have never shown up...So, I am trying something else...Hope it works...I am not a techy, so it is what it is...Just wanted to know I love all your posts...thank you for sharing.
    Love from NC