Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What a rain

This afternoon, literally just as we were about to take Mr. Darcy out for his evening walk, it started pelting rain.

This caught us by surprise because the sun was shining brightly. A quick check of the weather radar showed a small but heavy cell moving in from the east -- a highly unusual direction for our area.

Well it rained. We had thunder and lightning. And more rain.

And a rainbow, because the sun was shining so beautifully from the west.

Darcy gave a sigh of frustration that his evening promenade was being delayed, but neither Don nor I felt like promanading in a thunderstorm.

A neighbor snapped a shot of the end of the rainbow smack on top our house. Where's the gold?

When the heaviest rain had passed, we took umbrellas and booted up to take Darcy out.

Everything was fresh and wet, a most welcome development.

We saw a family of young quail.

Darcy saw them too.

The autumn rains are just starting to move in after a summer of dryness, so we're not complaining in the slightest.

Except perhaps Mr. Darcy.


  1. Looks beautiful. My dog doesn't care for promenading in the rain. neither do I. But, I love the smell and how things look afterwards.
    Kathy in MS

  2. Our little dachshund doesn't care for rain, either.

  3. Where's the pot of gold?

    You're living in it. You've just gotten used to the everlasting glow.

  4. Where's the pot of gold?

    You're living in it. You've just gotten used to the everlasting glow around you.

  5. Rain is such a blessing, unless you are trying to put up hay!

  6. What ever happened to Linh, Younger Daughter's parrot? We haven't seen or heard any info. I know she couldn't take her while in service, is she still around?

    1. She's doing great - feisty as ever. I take her out of her cage every evening so she has some flying time. Sometimes I send feathers to Younger Daughter, or photos of her bird taking a bath.

      - Patrice

  7. Rain? I've heard about it. Sure would like to see somenin my lifetime.

    Our dust is dusty...

  8. I think that the rainbow aimed at your house is an omen, that it is a little paradise for the right person to see and purchase, like God pointing his finger at it. Nice shot by your neighbor.

  9. The pot of gold is the treasure that is your home!

  10. Wow, those are very beautiful photographs!