Tuesday, September 24, 2019

And the race is on!

The race against the first frost is on. We're expecting sub-freezing temperatures toward the end of the week.

Yesterday I harvested every last tomato (ripe and unripe), every watermelon and cantaloupe, and every last grape. Hopefully today I'll get to the pears, and maybe the onions. I'll have more on the harvest in a future post.

In the meanwhile, if you've wondered about the blog silence, it's because I'm up to my elbows in produce. A blessing indeed!


  1. Wow! It hit triple digit temperatures here last week. The dry, hot summer seems endless.

  2. It's crazy how fast it gets cold there. I'm in Texas and we just got to the low 90s, enjoying the end of our 100 degree summer. Instead of worrying about frost I'm in my 2nd round of harvest, the drop in temperature has caused my tomato and pepper plants to re-explode in flowers and fruit. This is my 1st year with a garden so I started small and plan to add to it every year. Your blog has me dreaming of a day when we can own our own little farm, right now we are in paying off debt mode and preparing for our 2nd girl coming November.

  3. Every time that stunning peach picture you used on the heading pops up, my mouth waters! Subject, lighting, it's just a beautiful picture of God's blessings to us. Thank you.
    Since I'm in Wis. and the geese are flying south in large groups, and well, winter is on the way, it would be great to see the peaches again in January or February.

  4. That's colder than we'll see here in Maine. We had the air conditioner running yesterday, I kid you not. Sigh. Not a fan of hot weather, anxiously awaiting fall and winter...


  5. freeze? i'm sweltering in 100 degree temps.

  6. Are you expecting the blizzard and deep snow they are predicting for up there?

    1. Not quite as deep as the mountains, but they're predicting three to six inches for us.

      - Patrice