Thursday, July 25, 2019

Casting call

Here's an email I received. Just passing it on....
Hi Homesteaders,

My name is Chris Repp and I am a casting producer at Aberrant Creative in LA. I am reaching out to you after stumbling across your website thinking you might be able to help us find the impossible...

We are casting a new show for a major network where we want to follow U.S. or Canadian FAMILIES as they are beginning their journey to a new way of living remotely anywhere in the world! We are looking for outgoing families with plans for unique or primitive home builds and I was wondering if you might know of any personally who are about to the make the move in the very near future. 1-5 months or so. It can be a mud home or a multi-million dollar project! This is not your typical home show, as it focuses on the challenge of the remote build and the transition to a new way of living.

Attached is a flyer with more info, and it would be amazing if you could share this with your community (on social media perhaps) and I would love to discuss any other options to make this possible. There are more details I can discuss over the phone if you like, such as network and compensation/incentives. Happy to set up a call. Hope to hear from you soon!

Chris Repp
Casting Producer
Aberrant Creative
SKYPE: live:chrisbrepp_1


  1. IDK. If I am trying to get away from it "all", I sure don't want the "all" to know who I am, what I have and can do, and where I am going. From what I have seen, this is the sentiment of most of your readers. Natokadn

  2. Spoiler Alert. Sarcasm Ahead.

    Would a move to San Francisco pitching a tent and hunkering down with the feces and needles crowd be primitive enough?

    Surely Mr. Repp is aware that America is Born Again. Why would anyone want to leave here? And with my luck if I did move to another country Trump would bomb it. MAGA!
    Montana Guy

  3. Would this be kinda like the show Doomsday Prepper? On the one hand producers acting like they are serious about the subject matter and on the other a form of ridicule.

  4. Yeah, made the mistake of replying to one of these things. Got involved with a friend in the "doomsday preppers" show. No one that I know was happy with how things were cut and edited for final broadcast. Made them look like paranoid idiots.

    My stepbrother works in production of these type of shows and he calls them "moron shows". The main point is not to put out good information but to make fun of people who have "alternative lifestyles" that are not approved of by the entertainment industry.

  5. What they will do is probably hire some actors to do the show.

  6. I am like Natokadn, why on earth would you invite someone like this to film "where you are going" and "what you are doing"! I would stay away from these people. If you want to live off the grid and anonymously do so. Don't advertise it! Entertainment junk food. I am sure they will probably find some useful idiots. There are lots of them in California and other West Coast states.