Monday, April 10, 2017

January in April

Sorry for the blog silence lately -- it's just been a very busy week! So until I can put up something more coherent and/or interesting, take a look at what we woke up to this morning: January in April. Great big honkin' flakes of snow.

It's not going anywhere soon.

The chickens tiptoed around, acting like they've never seen the white stuff before -- despite just getting through five months of it.

The neighbors across the way were completely obliterated.

Undeniably pretty, but, well, we've just lived through five months of the stuff.

But the brave daffodils aren't lying: spring is here. The snow just hasn't heard the news yet.


  1. the ONLY good thing about april snow is that it won't be around long.

  2. Our church has a row of daffodils along a westward-facing brick wall. Every spring they get their little noses nipped, but they soldier on, reminding us of the Eternal Hope spring brings.

  3. Here in West Virginia, we have to have our studded tires off before April 16, but I usually run "outlaw" for a few extra days because they nearly always predict snow about then.

  4. Same here. They say it is 'A poor man's fertilizer'. After this past winter I'd rather have the cash.
    Montana Guy

  5. Seems there is always a last snow around Easter. Ms. Lewis-off topic-my first angus heifer just had her calf yesterday. I read all your blogs about calving. it was out in under 30 minutes and she's a great first-time mommy.