Monday, November 14, 2016

The 'funniest ballet performance ever'

I've had a busy few days and haven't had a chance to put up a blog post. So, for your temporary viewing pleasure, consider this short little ballet called the "Mistake Waltz," which has been called the "funniest ballet performance ever."


  1. This brings back fond half-century old memories when my dearly departed wife had our 5 kids in ballet. She was a good ol' gal.
    Hangtown Frank

  2. My Aunt who lived downstairs when I was growing up taught dance and ballet. My sister was in it and loved it. My mother tried to put me in it too but I fought it with everything I had. Still have nightmares about dance class.

  3. Thank you for a delightful giggle today! If I had taken ballet I'm sure I'd have been the one making the mistakes!