Monday, November 21, 2016

Need a good laugh? Read this

Some days, you just need a good laugh. That's what happened when I read this article:

'Feminist' snow plowing cripples Stockholm

It seems Stockholm had put in place a "gender-equal" snow removal plan. Please go read the whole article, but here's the gist:
The city government is intent on putting as much civic energy into clearing bike paths and sidewalks used by environmentally- and fitness-minded women as into the roads frequented by male-dominated motor vehicle traffic.

But chaos reportedly was the result for both genders. ... Buses (also, it turns out, heavily used by women) were stuck by the hundreds on roads blocked by stalled cars. Light rail trains moved at half speed, forcing stranded commuters to walk for hours to get home from work, slipping and falling on glasslike sidewalks and bike paths. Others stayed home with children as schools shut down.

Daniel Helldén, a Green Party member who is vice mayor for traffic, was quick to blame the record snowfall (15 inches in a day) rather than the new policy. ... He explained the rationale for gender-equal snow removal: “It hurt more when you fall when walking and cycling, while those who drive are comfortable no matter whether it’s snowing. It is about three times as many pedestrians who are injured than motorists in weather like this. … But there is also an accessibility argument that the city should be accessible to all. Snow and ice keeps many at home. Above all, it affects women who increasingly are walking and cycling more than men.”

Fredrik Antonsen complained on his Iotakt blog: “The Green Party's policies — whether it's about energy, security and defense, schools or snow removal — is a policy that does not work when reality intrudes on it. The Green Party is a party that dreams, that is so naive it hurts. Yesterday's snow chaos had been difficult without the Green Party's ideas, but became even harder when the ideas became reality.”
BwaaahahahaHAHAHAHAHAhahaha snort hack gasp.

Okay, I feel much better know.


  1. Oh my goodness.... Is this for real?

  2. Having been in several big cities that came to a screeching halt due to epic snowfalls it is my experience that those people who can't handle the idea that they're not the most significant creature in the universe will blame everything EXCEPT the snow. Hey, we couldn't get down the street because of the snow! Not the mayor, not the head of some department, and not because men drive and women walk. Politically correct snow plowing only complicates things.

    I think some people don't have enough actual work to do so they sleep at night instead of thinking up stupid stuff to force on other people.

  3. I read this as well and laughed myself. Goes along with a Facebook post I saw the other day about how feminists are not complaining about the number of men compared to women working to pick up garbage, or in the sewers!

    1. You make an excellent point. What you say is true and reasonable, but it will have NO effect on liberal minds. They can't see the sense in anything, because they either don't want to or they've been indoctrinated not to! We constantly ask WHY regressives (some call them progressives) do what they do. WHY can't they see this or that? WHY can't they understand? WHY don't they do this or WHY do they do that? We never get an answer from them that makes any sense, and we never will. --Fred in AZ


    Can we just do what is practical, please, without putting politics into everything??

  5. How odd to consider cycling a feminine-only/majority activity. I live in a bike-friendly area - where the city is tearing up streets and removing lanes in congested areas to add bike lanes - and most of our cyclers are male, and males dominate the cycling club(s) and advocacy group(s).
    I assume this is because most women here are still hauling large purses, small children, or bags of groceries around as they go to and from work, and that's difficult to do without buying one of those bike trailers, which in turn adds to the bike-parking problem.

    1. Sorry to say, but many of the young mothers around here are so obese that they cannot bike - although they should.


  6. I don't see any 'migrants' in the picture. Gee, where might they be?
    Montana Guy

  7. Anonymous @ 1018:
    I'm fairly certain Patrice's picture is of an American interstate flyover -- EU motorway exit signs typically don't look like that and the diamond signs seem to be a North American invention. I also don't see wide and narrow front number plates on any of the vehicles.

    But if you're talking about Swedish migrants to America, I'm sure you're probably looking at a number of their descendants, because I'm fairly sure that picture's from somewhere those people live. :-)


    Also, oddly enough, it is a reasonably clear day today in Stockholm:

    My favourite book shop in Sweden is in Stureplan and can be seen (if you know where to look) in that Web camera view.

    Since Patrice brought up books the other day, I figured she might be interested. If money isn't really a problem for you while visiting, check out the foreign language section on the top level -- there are plenty of English language books to be found, with a variety better than many American book shops.

  8. Liberals have such illogical logic! Did the emergency vehicles have to use the sidewalks?