Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sorry for the silence

I've been getting alarmed emails and even concerned calls from neighbors, wondering at the sudden silence on the blog. Apologies! It's been a wacky loopy week -- but in a good way.

You see, Older Daughter came home for a visit from New Jersey! And there was more.

When we picked her up at the airport last Monday (June 6), and after the initial hugs and kisses, I told her, "We have a surprise for you."

"What is it?" she asked.

I led her around a corner in the airport ... and there were my parents, her grandparents, who had flown up from California for a surprise visit. Older Daughter started to cry, she was so happy. It had been 18 months since we'd seen them. (No photos, sorry.)

So we had quite a reunion this week, which accounts for my silence.

As you can imagine, Lydia was beside herself to have her big sis at home. Lots of whining, licking, and cuddling.

It's hard to say what we did all week. It was just so wonderful to have our kid back home -- she was so gloriously there -- and I felt like we just romped around. The girls got together with friends and went swimming at the lake (and got chased out by thunderstorms, so the gang showed up here instead) -- they went to a movie -- they went thrift-store hopping with their grandparents -- we had our neighborhood potluck -- we went to church.

And we picked strawberries. Heavens, how we picked strawberries. Gallons of 'em.

Meanwhile the temperature ricocheted around wildly. It was in the mid-90s when Older Daughter arrived, and it was way too hot to even give my folks a farm tour. We had to wait for a break in the weather.

Well it broke, all right. No rain, but cold and windy. This morning I started a fire in the cookstove, and there's a freeze warning in effect tonight. I have no way of covering the many tires in the garden -- especially with the wind, which would simply whip away any coverings -- so I may lose my veggies.

Older Daughter left on Sunday. I had work to do and wasn't able to take her to the airport, but Don and Younger Daughter went, and my folks met there as well, so everyone had a chance to say goodbye.

It was rough watching her drive away, especially knowing she would be traveling across the country on the same day as the horrific massacre in Orlando.

Then my parents flew back to California this morning.

So that, dear readers, accounts for my silence all these days. It was an absolutely wonderful, wonderful week, and the blog simply took a back seat. Family came first.


  1. Understandably so. You were still missed. We all love your posts. It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful week.

  2. Glad you are back, that all is well. Nothing beats having family around.
    Yes, what a cool down. They are talking 38 here in the Yakima valley tonight. Going to throw row cover the most tender, just in case. Maybe back in the lower 90's by Sunday.
    May the rest of your week be great.

  3. Good for you and your family, family takes more much prevalence then some old smelly blog.... I thought perhaps it was family and wasn't too worried, no news of shooting in North Idaho so wasn't too worried.

  4. Love your pictures of Lydia and your daughter. So sweet.

  5. They use sprinklers here in the fruit orchards to protect from a freeze. Do have to run them all night until the temp gets above 32 the next morning. Start them when the temp hits 33 or so

  6. I'm so happy for your family reunion!

  7. Glad you are back, as we missed your articles.... but also glad you had a wonderful week with your older daughter and your parents. Sometimes it is just good to "disappear" for a bit.. although we were wondering if you might have decided to move to New Zealand! By the way, your strawberries look amazing!! We need to get more planted in our garden for next year.
    Janae at Creekside Farmstead

  8. "Family came first." As well it should.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  9. Sounds like a wonderful reunion!

  10. What a wonderful week for all.......just glad nothing was wrong. Frankly I thought you were over run picking strawberries!! So glad you are back for us.

  11. Patrice,

    How wonderful, your daughters and your parents together at the same time. Makes for a great visit and family time.

  12. Whoopee! Happy Days are here again.
    Montana Guy

  13. I don't think you owe anyone an apology. You have a life, you can't be at the computer every day.

  14. So happy that you got to visit with your family. You have to enjoy them while you can.

  15. What a wonderful time for you and your family! I confess, my wife and I were becoming a bit concerned as to why we hadn't heard from you in a week. I also wanted to say that we love dogs, especially BIG dogs, and your Lydia has a very kind face. She looks like a real sweetheart. God bless you all! --Fred & Deb in AZ

  16. Good for you! Sounds like a lovely time. I was wondering . . .

    Hope your veggies make it!

  17. Thank you for that wonderful story. So happy you took time to "play."

  18. Beautiful family. God Bless!

  19. That is a lovely bowl of strawberries. It seems that your dog missed your daughter. nice.

  20. What a lovely reason to be absent! What a treat for everyone.

    The picture of Lydia in which she seems to be attempting to chase down the vehicle as Older Daughter leaves is quite moving. She doesn't have to control her emotions, as we do when our loved ones leave after a visit.


  21. the blog took a back seat... as it should! So glad you had such a lovely week!