Friday, June 24, 2016

One last time. No really, I mean it

Okay, I did it one last time for the season. I lit a fire in the cookstove.

As I've mentioned before, our weather has been ricocheting all over the place for the last few weeks. Today it's so cold and rainy and windy that it was time to light a fire.

This is looking out our back rain-drenched window at the willow trees bent sideways in the wind.

At times it rained so hard it formed bubbles in the puddles.

I saw both a robin and a hummingbird, bracing themselves against the wind.

We also noticed this enterprising little sparrow, t-t-t-taking a b-b-b-bath.

So far today temps have topped off at 46F.

We had a brief break in the rain, which allowed the cows to luxuriate in the wet grass...

...oblivious to the flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder portending a massive cell moving over us.

When it hit, the animals went dashing for cover. Our horse, Brit, is just a blur.

It was quite a rain and hail dump.

The chickens huddled in the barn.

It's supposed to be much warmer tomorrow.

Despite the fact that outdoor work isn't likely today, I can't grumble. The southwest is having massive wildfires and staggering heat waves. Last summer, our own weather was horrifically hot and dry. Believe me, cool rainy weather is a blessing from God.


  1. Wish some of that cool weather would make it's way to the midwest...we've already hit our yearly average of days over 90 degrees and it isn't even the hottest part of the year yet!

  2. I must admit that here in the pan handle of Idaho I also broke down and lit what I am thinking will be the last fire for the season, this is of course after I had already cleaned out my stove. Like you I will not complain because we do need the water, thank you God. Now I gotta go out and get some more wood for the night.

  3. And we here in Illinois had tornadoes, several of them. All in the midst of a heat wave that is unusual for June. Of curse, like you we still must care for livestock. Whether sleet or snow, rain or hail, we're postmen in rubber chore boots!

  4. So Brit made a Brexit. Got to love both.
    Montana Guy

  5. I live in north Idaho, south of one of the lakes, so have the same weather. We are short on bees this year, and I am hoping it is because of the cooler temps we've experienced. Hoping the bees are out and about when it warms up. Earlier this year, I saw some and our strawberries were prolific, well shaped and of good size. Then after the week of 90's and the drop in temps, the berries were tiny and/or deformed.
    Three of the Jersey Giant hens I purchased last April have successfully hatched clutches of eggs, the first hen managed to do so the third weekend of May when it was cold and rainy. The second hen is apparently not popular with Abraham the rooster (I candled her eggs and all seven were duds) so I switched her eggs out with the eggs left over after the first hen hatched two and left the nest after three days with the chicks; seven more hatched out under the second hen a week later while the weather was warmer. Third hen hatched hers a few days ago and decided today was the right day to leave the warmth and comfort of the "playpen" we built in the hen house.
    I love the mist hanging in the hills and the cool temps and am ever so thankful for the moisture as I'm sure fireworks are going to be shot off in the vicinity.

  6. Hi, I remember that your husband bought a tractor from Northern tool and I am looking at a similar model and ANY information would be so helpful. Money is tight and my wife isn't sold on the need. Please Help.

    1. The tractor has been wonderful and very reliable. I don't know your situation so I don't know if it's something you would find as useful; but after 12 yrs of borrowing tractors from friends whenever we had a heavy project to do, having our own beast of burden has been a blessing, even if it came at a price we're still paying off.

      - Patrice

  7. I lived several decades in the Colorado mountains @ 9400 Ft. The weather was always exciting but that's all I can say for it. Now in SW Wisconsin and the weather here is beautiful day in and day out. No need even for air con in the summer and the rare thunderstorms have mostly cloud to cloud lightning rather than ground strikes. No need to water the garden as it's humid enough and weekly rains take care of that. REAL glad I'm not out west anymore.