Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Table of Contents for my ebook

Some readers are curious about the content of the ebook. Here's what's inside:

How We Got Started
Lesson 1: Spousal Support
Lesson 2: Frugal Living, The Means to an End
Lesson 3: Time Management
Lesson 4: Blame the Boss
Lesson 5: When Nobody Wants Your Product
Lesson 6: No-magic Marketing
Lesson 7: It Takes Time
Lesson 8: How NOT to Finance Your Business
Lesson 9: Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Lesson 10: Love What You Do
Lesson 11: Pricing Your Products
Lesson 12: Quality vs. Efficiency
Lesson 13: Wholesale vs. Retail
Lesson 14: Selling Wholesale
Lesson 15: Custom Work
Lesson 16: To Consign or Not to Consign
Lesson 17: Professionalism
Lesson 18: Billing
Lesson 19: Financial Transactions
Lesson 20: The Psychology of Sales
Lesson 21: The Tax Man Cometh
Lesson 22: Crafting in a Bad Economy
Lesson 23: Random Concluding Thoughts

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