Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alpha parenting

In response to my column "Discipline Your Brats," a reader sent the following email which I thought was pretty funny.

I have heard the "just wait til they're teens" thing for years now...but I have 16 year old, 14, 13, as well as the 11 and 10 year olds and so far....nothing. And it's not that they aren't opinionated. At a recent BBQ with a liberal friend, my two oldest were holding their own in debates on intelligent design, government health care, and current events in general.

Funny story...we were once in the store, and some mom was telling her little precious brat that she "really is going to count to three if you don't stop" and seriously this lady counted to three like 300 times, while threatening to count to three, and the kid could care less. Just then, one of my younger daughters said, "Ugh!!! Stop counting already and smack that brat!" I was mortified but a few people in line at the store with us applauded. (We're still working on discretion.)

- Kimberly

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  1. Oh! Do I love this, or what! I get the just wait 'til they're teens comment all the time. I just love the response I can give. Not bragging here, but everyone tells me I don't look my age, apparently, no where near my age and I absolutely love it. Not just because every 40yr old wants to look younger, but because when people tell me that, (assuming that the 3 children 12 & under that are revolving around me are my only kids) I can point to the older 2 (17&19) that are usually behind us, and say "Yes! I just LOVE it once they hit their teens. They are so helpful!" The commentor's eyes usually grow round while they stammer something along the lines of, "They can't possibly be yours.", or "You mean those are yours too?" It does help that the 19yr. old is taller than me (and I'm not short). Makes the effect that much better.