Monday, September 28, 2009

Small town celebration

Even though this is our busy season - too busy to attend such large functions as the North Idaho Fair - we always try to attend what is grandiosely called the "Southeast Spokane County Fair" in the nearby town of Rockford, WA (population 500).

It's a charming little farming community that throws a great party, complete with a scaled-down parade, midway, exhibit hall, and livestock exhibits. Here are some photos.

The nice part about small-town parades is any kid can be in the limelight for a few minutes. Cute!

Another nearby town sends its impressively-dressed marching band.

Horses and farming themes are, uh, big.

This was the graduating class of 1959 having its 50th class reunion - a hay ride in the Rockford parade. Gotta love it!


Library sale (our favorite part).

Inside the exhibit hall, I thought this display encapsulated everything. Evidently the judges agreed.

Samples of home canning.


Twin toddlers bravely sitting on the back of an obliging sheep.

4H-ers displaying their prize chickens.

A group of older women singing a cappella in a barbershop quartet-style. Didn't catch the name of the group but they were outstanding.

With midway rides priced into the stratosphere, we allowed the girls to go on one ride. They chose bumper cars.


  1. Absolutely loved this small town parade and fair. Isn't country life great?

  2. What a wonderful way to kick off the autumn season, and what a great family event! Here in Phoenix we're still dealing with 100+ degrees, and big city fairs are no match for something like this!


  3. I just found out about your blog from Frugal Living NW, and I am finding it delightful! I live near a little town called Boring, Oregon (really) and totally enjoy your conservative observations (that so echo my own!) If I had my druthers, I would turn my little one acre of home into a mini-farm, a passion I've had ever since I saw mini-cows at the state fair! Never heard of them before, they're about the size of a shetland pony. A minicow, some chickens, ahhhh......but my hubby says I have enough to do with raising 3 kids and going back to school. So I will enjoy your rural blog instead (at least, till I get thru nursing school.....!)