Sunday, May 10, 2009

Couple of snarks...

Ah, snarks. Gotta love 'em.

In response to this weekend's column, I was delighted to hear from Ron, my favorite misogynist. Ron got his undies in a wad a few months ago because I declined his offer to "tutor" me until I complied with his particular worldview, whereupon he pronounced that "women don't belong in the world of ideas." Here's his latest profundity:

"Hey stupid. Nobody used falsely held religion like your George Bush!"

Ah, eloquent as always. Firstly, Ron dear, you should really stop reading my columns, as you'll just give yourself high blood pressure. Secondly...uh, MY George Bush? What gave you the impression I liked Bush? He's a politician. 'Nuff said.

The next snark came from David who first quoted a line from my column: "The 'truth' that religion has no place with anyone who considers himself to be an educated, literate person?" To this David writes, "Wow, you get it. Religion is BS, pure and simple. Thank God more young people are starting to understand this."

Who are you thanking, David? Just asking. Must'a been a typo.


  1. Actually, more young people, now more than ever before, are seeking God and standing up for their religious convictions. More young people today are taking a stand for Christ and shunning that which is evil. More young people in today's society are running to God instead of away and it will be these young people that will pave the way for revival that is coming to America and the world. This revival will usher in more people into the kingdom of God than ever imagined. So, to say young people are seeing religion as BS and starting to understand this is incorrect. Young people are beginning to see hope in a risen Savior and they are not backing down but going forward in their Christian walk, no matter the cost.

  2. ...just thought I'd share my favorite bible verse, seems to be highly applicable in todays world..... ...........2 Kings 6:16................