Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I Sometimes Get Behind on my Emails....

Our cat, Hopi. King of the keyboard.


  1. LOL...I can relate...I've recently acquired two kittens (at least one of whom is on his way to being a hell of a mouser...YAY!!!), and whenever they go into "pet me" mode, their antics always seem to involve my keyboard.

    Took me an hour one time, to figure out how to undo whatever they had done to shrink my viewing screen. Couldn't hardly see anything on my monitor.

  2. I found 4 little kittens, only days old, brought them home and took care of them. They are now a healthy 6 months. In that short of time, they have almost destroyed everything I have from furniture to items on my fireplace and end tables. They have also shredded my curtains. But.....I love them. My computer is a favorite spot, if I'm working on it...frequently the "screen" gets turned off when someone is "grooming". They really are wonderfu.