Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Australian Bushfires

I've been in touch with the editor of an Australian homeschooling magazine who will be printing some of my articles. We were emailing back and forth when suddenly an ominous silence descended on our communications - about the time the Australian bushfires were raging.

Concerned, I sent the following email: "You guys okay over there with all the bushfires? I haven't heard from you since sending the revised articles and photos on 2/10. I'm getting paranoid because we've been following the fires with great agitation. Are you safe?"

To my great distress, I got the following email back:

"Yes - I am safe. It has been an incredibly emotion filled week - we are all in shock. It is our neighborhood that has been destroyed. We have been frantically trying to make sure all our home-ed families are safe and to date they are. Two lost their homes and one is the only home left standing along her country road. As you can imagine, hugs abound and tears are never far away. The appalling loss of life is just starting to infiltrate into our daily lives. My friend went down to the pet store yesterday only to find it closed with a sign on the door that the owners and their family had perished in the fire. She ended up sobbing on the pavement.

It will be a long time before people can get back on their feet after this but I have no doubt they will. There is an overwhelming outpouring of support for those affected and we will just keep on holding their hands until they can stand for themselves."

Words can't even begin to describe the anger I feel at the scum who started these fires.

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