Friday, August 25, 2023

Quick solution to vexing problem

We have two large piles of sheet metal left behind by our home's previous owners. It's stored under the deck.

Don's been using this sheet metal for making garden beds, but the pile is an inconvenient distance from the barn where he constructs the beds. He's been pulling out a few sheets at a time as needed.

The sheets are 12+ feet long, and the truck bed is six feet long (with the tail gate down), so he can't just pile the sheet metal in the back of the truck without having it come flopping out (with a great deal of noise). He improvised by stacking a few sheets leaning in back, but even this was dicey and he didn't feel comfortable moving more than a few sheets at a time.

So, because we have a project we want to do right under the deck, he wanted to get the piles of sheet metal moved sooner rather than later. To this end, he improvised a "suspension bridge" support for the truck that would allow him to move bulk amounts of sheet metal.

The rope wraps around the roof rack.

...and is knotted and/or tied through some holes in the 2x4 base.

With the "suspension bridge" in place, he parked near the base of the deck and started loading sheet metal.

He had one of the two piles loaded within minutes, and easily transported it to its new location.

Just a small example of the kinds of clever solutions my clever husband dreams up when faced with a vexing problem.


  1. Every woman wants a guy like Don as a husband.
    I'm a female munchkin. Once I was helping my tall, elderly father with a task and came up with a quick and easy solution to a problem, and he was amazed. He accused me of being a genius. I told him no, just a small female who has to get things done, often with no help. We can't always rely on normal methods.

    Don is smart. And he's a manly man who probably wants to accomplish his work without having to get his household of women involved every time there's a problem. I think his intellect is equal to any task. And love of family motivates it all.
    How blessed you are to have Don as a husband!

  2. I agree, also. Love your posts, Thanks for sharing your everyday life with us.

  3. As a female alone for many years, I have had to be inventive to get things done. Of course, he had that nifty truck that makes me jealous. That would have solved most of my problems.

    1. I bought my first truck years ago and haven't looked back. Noticing the rack on Don's truck and having seen them on many others makes me think men must have a separate body of knowledge pertaining to their use.
      Another important thing for us women is to find good tools that fit small hands. That isn't always easy.

  4. Great solution to a simple problem. Problem solving is an underrated skill in today's society.

  5. Good old American know-how. Gotta love it.

  6. I'm six feet tall and I have big ol' man-hands for a female, so that's not my problem. My problem is that I'm completely mechanically inept. Thank goodness for Youtube videos so I can watch over and over and over until the process makes sense to my thick skull.

  7. A very elegant solution. I would have just grabbed 4 or 5 sheets at a time and walked them over to where I wanted them and walked back to get more until they were all moved.