Friday, August 18, 2023

Calling fall

Every year at about this time, Don plays a game when he tries to "call fall." Autumn doesn't spontaneously pop into existence on the fall equinox, of course. Signs appear far in advance.

So he's been sniffing the air, watching the wildlife, observing the vegetation, monitoring the weather ... but didn't "call fall" until yesterday evening.

We've been going through a nasty heat wave, with temps up to 107F. The weather breaks below triple digits today, and we'll be dropping into the 80s by Sunday. We may even get some much-needed rain.

But yesterday evening, the temp was still 103F and the wind was blowing (a dangerous combination, I might add).

Yet despite the conditions, Don leaned over the balcony rail, sniffed the air, and called fall.

He hasn't been wrong yet. Fall is on the way.


  1. That's nothing. I've called for the winter to come AFTER fall for the last 57 years running.
    Beat that, old man!

  2. I agree with Don, around here it is the cottonwood leaves, they are ah falling and are yellow.

  3. Fall is definitely making it known that it's just around the bend. Our crickets get wildly loud at night as it approaches.

  4. He's right. Our heat wave is returning, and will be back in triple digits a few days next week. But the heat right now is different. It's a fall heat wave, and it does have a smell that's different. It's dry...maybe that's part of it. I'm starting to see minor color changes in foliage.
    What we have now is the beginnings of Indian Summer.

    I need to install the second replacement ac.
    One died, one's about to die, and possibly a week of triple digits is on the near horizon.
    Just bought a battery powered misting fan that fits on a 5 gal bucket. It's working OK for power outages without the misting, but I want more. Went ahead and bought this one when I saw it for my chickens because of the bucket set up, which means it doesn't have to hook up to a hose ( and pump) thus requiring power.
    The next one will be a 24 hour battery operated fan I saw online. Maybe 2.
    Another part of fall can be hurricanes with all the temperature changes. It's been wonderfully inactive so far this year, but getting ready for that is a good idea.

    1. I agree. The heat intensity is less, the sun seems a bit more distant. I loathe the first day of summer. It means the days start getting shorter. Spring and summer heat I live for.

  5. School busses are running and football pre season games are on TV.

  6. We're several hours south of you and have to agree... lots of praying mantis and we don't usually see so many of them until late Sept, and the wild apples seem to be maturing a bit early. Still have the hummingbirds, though, they seem to be on schedule with their 'routine'.

  7. Interesting Patrice. In both Old Home and New Home we still seem to be in throes of Summer, but as things work down the continent, you could very well be seeing things us more Southerly folk do not.

  8. We noticed it yesterday here in Texas. The kids and I kept walking around sniffing. “It smells like fall!”

  9. Heh. The 'fall' wildflowers are blooming, the fall insects arrived last week, and I woke up sneezing this morning. Oh, snap. It's fall in NE Florida! (It is late afternoon with a feels-like temperature of 104.)

  10. I'm on the Oregon coast and fall was here about two weeks ago.