Sunday, March 19, 2023

Surest sign of spring

Along with the rest of the country, we've been feeling restless and cooped up. Spring is on its way, and at this stage we get a lot of "teaser" weather: beautiful one day, cold and rainy another, usually with bursts of snow for good measure.

But the spring birds are returning, and I'm documenting them as I see or hear them.

On March 4, I heard the first robin.

On March 6, it was the first killdeer.

On March 13,  the first evening grosbeaks descended en masse on the feeder.

But the surest sign of spring? I hung some laundry outside to dry.

Yes, really. It was a minor thrill to hang the flannel sheets outside rather than draping them over the indoor clothes racks and waiting a day or two for them to dry.

At 58F, it took them all day. But still, it's a promise of things to come.

Yep, spring is on its way.


  1. A lovely sunny day Friday in the NorCal Sierra, and I, too, hung 2 loads of wash! It was supposed to be 63ยบ Saturday, and partly sunny, so I left the clothes out overnight. Midnight Saturday, that nagging feeling of something not done coalesced into: "The joke's on me!" Now the clothes are soaking wet, and it is set to rain Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Also Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'll wait till it's cloudy for a few hours, and bring them inside to use the dryer. Uh, tomorrow?

  2. Off topic comment/request: We are moving in 3 weeks to our new-to-us rural house/cabin. Neither my husband nor I have ever before lived in a home with a septic system. I've watched YT videos and read a wide variety of contradictory comments about what to do/not to do.

    I would greatly appreciate suggestions from those here with the experience we lack. I've purchased a deodorizing container for toilet wipes (can those things be burned?). I've read not to use anti-bacterial soap. I need some practical, middle-of-the-road advice (not an absolute ecological purist and I'm not planning on making my own laundry detergent right now).

    The septic tank was cleaned out just last year (by previous one year owner who purchased it from original builder and 24 year owner) and it's located beneath a small, rock-lined pond (formerly filled with Koi) so we really hope not to need to do this again any time soon. Any reasonable suggestions greatly appreciated.

  3. At 86, I have owned 4 homes. Three of them on septic. My current home is one of them. "Pro's" for septic are many. No sewer charge and independence from city for service are the greatest. "Cons" are more in the caution area. Remember that everything liquid in your house goes through septic. That includes washer, dish washer, bathroom sinks, disposal, etc. Don't flush Kleenex type products as they tend to float rather than
    dissolve. No or very little antibacterial products as they will kill your good bacteria. Good bye Clorox. Learn to check for "safe for septic" in the fine print. Depending on the size of your family, cleaning every 3-5 years is the rule. Living alone, I don't think I will ever have to have it pumped out again. Good luck and relax. It's no big deal. Julia