Monday, March 6, 2023

Bwahaha – sure, Jeff

Spam emails can be so funny! Consider one I got this morning from "Jeff White," formatted exactly as received:

DEAREST ONEAm MR. White  of the Claims Department with a bank here in London, United Kingdom. I wish to notify you that you are clear toclaim the total sum of Twenty Five Million Five Hundred thousand British pounds in the codicil and last testament of a deceasedcustomer (Name now withheld for security reasons). Kindly Contact me for more details on E-mail: [redacted]

I look forward to your response, treat as most confidentialsincerely

>>Mr. White

Bwahahaha. I'm certain every banker in the U.K. addresses random strangers as "Dearest one."

Sure, Jeff. I believe every word. (/sarc/)

UPDATE: Reader Rozy Lass sent this video. I laughed so hard I cried.



  1. Enjoy this little gem about that very subject.

  2. Wow! That's my name. Not my email though!

  3. Still laughing at that video.

  4. I love James Veitch! :) In case you are interested, this is another crazy internet scam story:

  5. O my goodness that is gold....Haha we like messing with tele marketers in this household always fun..

  6. That was great! I about choked on my coffee this morning laughing.......

    Mama J