Thursday, July 7, 2022

Blasted from a sound sleep

I usually go to bed far earlier than Don. I've always been an early bird, he's always been a night owl. So last night, I'm peacefully slumbering, when I was blasted out of a sound sleep by the sound of...

Yes, a single mosquito was buzzing around me and dive-bombing my ears. How is it such a tiny insect can waken people from the deepest sleep?

For an hour I lay there, trying to cover my head or hunt the little bugger down or otherwise enable myself to resume sleep. Finally I stumbled out of the bedroom.

"What's up?" Don asked, baffled by my sudden and groggy appearance.

"Mosquito," I growled. I hunted around for a bottle of insect repellent I knew Older Daughter had left somewhere, but was unable to find it in my sleep-interrupted stupor.

I went back to bed, and the same mosquito instantly resumed its bombardment of my face. It was far too hot to sleep with a sheet over my head. After another half-hour of tossing and turning, I remembered where Older Daughter had left the repellent. I stumbled out of the bedroom again, fetched the repellent, and sprayed it all over my hair and arms, then sprayed some on my hands and wiped it on my face. Then I went back to bed.

Don followed a short time later. He snuggled down and put his arm around me as he always does when falling asleep, and then we both heard the evil whine of the same evil little bugger, looking for a spot to dine. Due to the repellent I wore, it focused on Don.

"There it is," I muttered.

"Right there," Don agreed. Then, SMACK!!

And that was the end of our nighttime foe. I don't know how Don managed to kill a single mosquito with one slap in the pitch-dark after I'd fought it for 90 minutes, but once again my husband proved himself a hero in my eyes.

I overslept this morning as a result, but at least I slept.


  1. Ugh! I hate those things. I even got goosebumps as I read your post. Don is a hero!

  2. I usually slap it on my face or just end up slapping my face and waking myself. Either way, I further wake myself.

  3. Dam things! Common occurrence here. I need to get a ceiling fan over my bed. I was just thinking I have 3-4 more months of fighting the dern things...