Monday, November 1, 2021

What a year

One year ago today, Don and I took possession of a rental house and started the process of moving from our beloved home of 17 years into a temporary residence.

Moving into the rental was slow business. It took many trips to transport our household goods, including a lot of jars of canned food. Fortunately the rental house – a sweet little 1920s bungalow – had a built-in pantry in the basement which I quickly filled.

So much has happened in one year!

We were prepared to stay in that rental for six months (the term of our lease) and spend the winter looking for a suitable piece of property, but God had other plans. On November 11 – less than two weeks after moving in – Don saw a listing for a home that looked like it fit most of our requirements. He drove up to look at it on November 14, liked what he saw, and made an offer contingent on a well inspection.

Meanwhile, during that early part of November, we had a chaotic time of crossing paths with our home's buyers. We were moving out of our house into the rental, they were moving in. They're lovely people and were very generous in letting us store some farm and shop equipment in the barn until such time as we had a permanent place to move to.

So after all that work, we ended up staying in the rental less than two months while we moved forward with the paperwork for our new home. And then, on an exhausting day just before Christmas, we left the rental behind and moved here.

This last year has been spent making improvements to our home and property, writing books for Harlequin as well as various magazines, and otherwise getting our act together.

So yes, this has been an unbelievably eventful year. What will be in store for us over the next twelve months? Who can say?

All I can say is, what a difference a year makes.


  1. Hard to believe it's been a year already! I was actually praying for you both as you waited for your house to sell and that the right buyers would come at the right time. It's great to see all the progress since then!

  2. It always seems that while we are in the middle of a huge project we just work like dogs and when it is all over we can then look back and say, WOW, how did that ever get accomplished? It is nice to look back on our progress. It will not take long before you are there 5 years and your move will be old history. Now for the next step, the projects that await you.

  3. I will have to say that you folks seem to have won the home buyers lottery. Not only how the folks that purchased your old home have treated you but all the good stuff that the new place left for you. All and all, with the exception of U Haul, you guys have done very well.