Tuesday, June 9, 2020


We're coming up on the first day of summer, and the weather around here has been nothing short of c-c-c-cold.

As I write this (5:30 am), it's 39F outside. Or is it 38F? You decide.

Yesterday and the day before, it was so chilly we lit the woodstove. In June. And boy did it feel good.

With daytime temperatures topping out at 49F, can you blame us?

Couple this scenery with a high wind, and you'll get a better (colder) picture.

The barn cat has been spending a lot of time in his cozy cat box in the shop.

Even the robins look chilly.

The garden isn't too happy. Despite all the peppy suggestions that certain seeds shouldn't be planted "until soil temps reach 70F" or whatever, I can't wait until late June for that to happen.

We have a couple warm days coming up this week, but the temperature swings are all over the place. I mean, look at the graph below. Between today and tomorrow, we'll climb 20 degrees. Between Friday and Saturday, we'll drop 20 degrees.

It just goes to show ya, you never know how a season will unfold. Life on a homestead. Roll with the punches.


  1. I think we should combine your temp and mine, divide in half and have really nice temps. At 5:30am yesterday it was 79 - SW FL and the high was about 90. We just roll with it, but my veggies aren't very happy either.

  2. Crazy! We're burning up in Wisconsin.

  3. Cool today here too, but we don't have the altitude so are warmer (60's high today). We have had lots of 30+ mph wind which means broken plants and battered vegetation. (Gusts to 50.)

    Good luck with your garden. Natokadn

  4. The peas are liking it and so is spinach with carrots. And this would be another Homesteading rule, "roll with the punches". I can't believe you already have green beans up, I gotta get to work.

  5. Ugh. It’s nice and muggy in FL currently. Hate the weather here. At least we have a good governor.

  6. We are a little south of you and not so cold. However, another week and a half of rain is forecast. It was 87 last week and 50 for high today. The garden is confused.

  7. Something I read a short time ago about entering a phase of solar minimums or some such natural phenomenon occurring every so many (thousands) of years. It makes sense that this will be a summer of spring/fall weather. Farmers Almanac also confirms this as a summer of mostly unsettled weather. I'm still having a short fire AM & PM to knock off the chill. Been here in E. Wa. for the best part of 48 years and can't remember a year of such unpredictable weather. It will continue...... until it changes.... it is after all, "weather," and it does what it does best, be weather..... I have jobs available for any un/under employed global warming activists, they can come split fahrwood for me..... Don't pay very well though. But it IS more productive than whining about global warming......

  8. Trade you. We are well into 95-102 F Heat.

  9. Yes, and here today in the mountains of NC our temperature dipped to 49°. Mid June and in the 40s. Maybe there is something to worry about with this solar minimum?

  10. Post Alley CrackpotJune 13, 2020 at 9:30 PM

    Your barn cat has this look like he's seen a few things ...

    "You weren't here for the Pahsimeroi Rat Stampede ... you don't know, cat, you just don't know."


  11. It's obviously proof of global warming.

  12. Idaho is having the 3rd wettest June in recordable history and will be closing in on the 2nd. My garden and orchard is not thriving in this cold weather. Maybe next weeks temps in the 90's (southern Idaho) will wake them up and be ready to explode.