Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Great Mother can cure you!

Here's your chuckle du jour in the form of a spam email I just received:

"Great Mother is Real... I am Aisha Kun and i want to testify about Great Mother how she cured me of hiv aids. I was diagnosed of this disease some time ago and i was worried. when i was searching the internet looking for a cure, i came across some testimonies of Great Mother how she has helped a lot of people and i decided to contact her on her info and explained to her.

She laughed and told me that she will help me and i was surprised. She sent me the cure and it was a spiritual holy oil and water which is more than a medicine. She directed me on how to take it and i did. I took the cure for 3 weeks and i went to the doctor for check up and to my greatest surprise the disease was no longer in my system.

I am so glad and i want to thank Great Mother for helping me. Contact her now on her website ourgreatmother1.com and her email is Greatmotherofsolutiontemple1@[redacted].com you can also reach her on her whatsapp number +[redacted]. If you have any disease, she can help you. Contact her now"

So there you go. Forget the rest, just go to Great Mother.


  1. Great Mother has been busy. I just this morning deleted two such comments from my blog. The term 'snake oil salesman' comes to mind.

  2. Sounds like the current rage over CBD oil and essential oils.

  3. This is the second site where I've seen mention of Great Mother, apparently she gets around!

  4. Is it impossible for spammers to use a capital "I" when referring to the first person? If you are going to try to convince me, at least having good grammar...

  5. If you are looking for perfect grammar go to a English Comp class. This is the internet with spell correct mistakes and using keyboards in less than optimal light. Get over it.

    1. No, you get over it and back off!! We don't listen to Anonymous. Crawl back under your rock

    2. Really! From someone calling himself Tewshooz. The irony is wasted on you.

  6. Great Mother? She's no Supreme Master! Shortwave radio listeners know. lol

  7. Post Alley CrackpotFebruary 19, 2020 at 6:10 PM

    "Great Mother can cure you!"

    Instantly I pictured a 4'8" babushka nagging me about my health and wouldn't I just have a little bit of the homemade borshcht and would I just settle down with a nice young lady from the old village instead of travelling to a foreign land and ...

    Here in America, they do the same thing, but with chicken soup. :-)