Monday, April 8, 2019

Swans on the lake

If there's one beautiful thing we can anticipate in early spring, it's swans. Specifically tundra swans, which come in every year to nest in the marshes.

These magnificent, majestic birds arrive by the thousands, filling the air with their hooting as they engage in courtship rituals and search for food.

It's just something else, to see so many at one time casually going about their business.

It's almost better to photograph them from higher up (as opposed to the water's edge) because it's easier to see the sheer number.

Yes, sometimes it's good to step back and remember how beautiful God's green earth is.


  1. Very nice indeed:)

  2. We see the snow geese here in Texas in the fall come in by the thousands. We saw our first swans in Alaska and was awe struck.

  3. Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Montana Guy

  4. Wow, that is remarkable (and beautiful)!

  5. Amen to that, Patrice! Amen! Stunning sights from above!