Thursday, February 7, 2019

Cold snap

Well, we knew we couldn't put it off forever. Winter finally caught up to us in north Idaho. As I write this, the temperature is five degrees below zero.

We still don't have much snow -- only a couple of inches -- but at this rate, it's not going anywhere for a while.

As always when it gets this cold, it's clear as a bell and absolutely beautiful. The rising sun glows through the trees....

...and casts infinite shadows across the fields.

We knew the cold snap was moving in, of course, so I made sure the chicken coop was clean and heaped with soft hay.

Many of the chickens hang around in the barn during the day.

Often, they'll tuck one foot at a time into their feathers to keep warm.

But of course, to get to the barn, they have to cross snow -- chilly on their poor tootsies!

Cold snaps are not times to stint on food. Usually I just feed the chickens in the evening, but this morning I filled their feeder again.

Thank God for a heated waterer as well.

(We also have a stock tank heater which keeps the cow water ice-free.)

I'm feeding the cows extra well, too. Digestion is a significant factor in keeping livestock warm in cold weather. Later today they'll also activate their solar panels, as I call it, and will spent much time standing broadside to the sun, absorbing the warmth.

So it's hunker-down time until the cold snap passes. C'est la vie.


  1. Well fed is important! We are cold (not JackieClay cold) but have wind making for very brutal conditions. Our livestock stand where they have a wind break and all have snow layered on their backs - until they shake it off or roll. That is an "insulating" fur coat! Stay warm and may your waterlines not freeze! Natokadn

  2. Yes, winter has finally arrived. Our temperatures are running about the same as your. We did get 10 to 12 inches of snow on Tuesday. Warming this weekend, with several more storms, starting tomorrow. They are calling for it to be backat zero or below by the middle of the week. They are saying you folks from N Idaho are sending strong winds our way.
    Tell the boss man to keep his tractor plugged in to move snow the next few days.
    Take care and keep warm.

  3. Old saying....when the days get longer the cold gets stronger.

  4. Here in Eastern Washington we got about a 16" of snow. My husbands out plowing now while there's a break.