Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Nature's Roombas

We have zillions of turkeys around us.

They slowly stalk through the landscape, stopping to peck at anything even remotely edible. They often hang out in large groups, sometimes several dozen but more often ten or so together.

Don was idly watching a flock make its way through our property the other day, and he came away with an observation. "Turkeys are nature's Roombas," he noted. "They cover an entire area, bounce off things, and clean up whatever they find.

Hard to argue. And after my last rant about the Internet of Things, I'd far rather have turkey Roombas around us than robotic ones.


  1. ROWL, you sound like my sister who has the automatic vacuum floor cleaner. It was a gift so she keeps her opinion to herself, but she dislikes that piece of equipment.

  2. I live in a condo in suburban Detroit. From time I see deer and wild turkeys in the open areas. Recently a flock of 5 or 6 turkeys wandered back of my condo with 3 coming up on to my deck in an effort to get to the bird feeder.

  3. Although I live in a condo in a suburb of Detroit, I still get fairly close to nature —from the ever present Canada geese to deer and wild turkeys. Recently a flock of 5 or 6 turkeys passed through the open space behind the building. 2 of them came onto my deck in an effort to get at the bird feeder. No luck with that but some success with a few spilled seeds.

  4. As usual, I couldn’t agree more ;)

  5. Several decades ago I was headed to work early one morning, and passed an unused pasture (except for hay) full of large birds. Being one of those "early" sorts I had plenty of time to turn around and go back for a better look.

    This was a large field and it was covered with....TURKEYS! It was like a turkey Woodstock event! Where did they all come from?
    After work I stopped for gas and told the country guy running the little place, and he just laughed! He said "They do that sometimes ".
    Now every time I pass that field even now, years later, I'm looking for turkeys. Sometimes I'll see a few, but never since have I seen the sight I saw that day. It's unforgettable.
    I think it was Ben Franklin who thought the turkey should be our national bird. I'm glad they are more a symbol of Thanksgiving.