Monday, January 25, 2016

Amazing chainsaw art

I don't normally go for chainsaw art. While I recognize the skill behind the hewn-out bears and such that often characterizes western-style d├ęcor, it's just never been my "thing."

But this is amazing. A reader sent me this short YouTube clip showing a tree stump carving from start to finish.

Here's the "before" stump:

Here's the "after" product.

Pretty amazing, all right. The artist's webpage is here.


  1. That one is excellent!

    Near where I lived someone carved an old tree into a naked lady. Very good job of it, too. Town told them to cut it down. Instead, he re-carved it into a Nun. Whole town was laughing.

  2. Gorgeous carving. Then there's this, cedars turned onto a library with critters.

  3. That's beautiful.
    We have a piece of chainsaw art. Hubby watched the guy as he created a SF soldier in Gilly suit. Being the real version, he had to have it. It's greeted people for 20 years now, sometimes sporting middle eastern headgear brought back from the big sandbox, often sporting a great Darth Vader helmet and robe one of the kids had when they were little. I had a garage sale and was talked into selling that getup and when "Comnando" was unveiled I had to fend off potential buyers all day. We've moved him five times so I guess he's a permanent fixture, lol.
    His base says "welcome" but I often tell my hubby I'm going to router " GO AWAY" on the back and turn it around to match my moods, lol.

  4. I thought that was pretty neat. My next thought was the title to the piece should be "Where's the Chicken Coop?" Have a great day!

  5. True talent. As a farmer who has lost more than a few chickens to raccoons, I don't see the subjects as cute and cuddly, though.