Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snark of the Week

This has to be my all-time favorite email I've gotten so far. It came in response to last week's column, "The Answer is Simple - Don't Hire a Woman."

I've always heard it said when liberals can't clearly articulate their point, they descend into name-calling. Case in point:

I just wanted to say your a stupid twit! I think you need to keep your IGNORANT trap shut! How DARE you put all women in a box and say that we do not deserve equal pay because we have kids? Are you insane! You weak twit!!! Its people like you that are wrong with this world. You home school your kids, because you think they are too good for real school, and then you go a rant about women not deserving equal pay. Look you back woods country bumpkin, no one is interested in and the ann coulters of the world. I just was unfortunate enough to come across your ignorant rant, and thought you deserved to be called out on it!!!! Women all over the country are in the spot we are in because of ignorant whining WEAK women like you!! SHUT UP!

- Kimberly

Here was my reply to Kimberly:

Hello Kimberly:

Thank you for your thoughtful email. I've tried very hard to overcome my residual urban rudeness in order to become a true backwoods country bumpkin, so your compliment is appreciated. To be included with the likes of best-selling author Ann Coulter is doubly kind.

If you could point out in my column where, precisely, I say that women with children (or women in general) do not deserve equal pay for equal work (in the true sense of the word), I would appreciate it. Yours was a very unique interpretation of the column, and I thank you for providing me with your insights.

Best regards,
Patrice Lewis

What I really wanted to express to Kimberly was my merry laughter. Sorry, but when someone sends an email full of vitriol, grammatical errors, and misspellings in an attempt to discredit the idea of homeschooling...well, I'm inclined to laugh, not be insulted. This lady is a perfect ambassador for public schools. Absolutely perfect.

As far as my children being "too good" for "real school"....damn straight they are. They're MY kids, not your little victims for socialistic brainwashing. So sorry.


  1. Patrice,
    I appreciate your column and glad you can laugh at the comments of liberals that do not have a clue. I live on the East coast near a big city and have to deal with these type of people on a daily basis. Your column this week is very true of where I live. People do not understand why I am so passionate about my children that my wife and I homeschool them because they deserve a better education than the public schools. They do not understand why I am so conservative and "hate" liberals who want to make us a socialist country. They do not understand that I do not "hate" anybody but despise the actions of our country's leaders who trample all over our Constitution, slowly take away our freedoms, and leave such a debt on my children and grandchildren through a growing nanny state. I guess I am a the one who is crazy because I know and believe in the Judeo-Christian values of God, freedom, and Country that were put in place by our founders and that have enable our country to thrive for over 230 years. Be encouraged that there are many more of us left in this country who are training our children with these values so there is always hope for our future. Keep fighting the good fight!


  2. Hey!
    I am new to your blog so I am catching up on old posts, which would explain why I am posting a comment 11 months after this was written ;)
    And may I say that I am loving your blog so far.
    And your article "Don't Hire a Woman", I thought it was brilliant, and I thought it was actually very pro-woman. I don't understand at all what Kimberley is complaining about. Her response reminds me of the type of reactions pro-lifers typically get from pro-"choicers": since they can't argue their side of the issue, they resort to censorship of any and all pro-life speech, and this censorship often entails yelling, chanting, singing, name calling and physically blocking the pro-life images.
    Well, it seems I started two sentences with "and". I probably should've been home-schooled.