Link Exchanges

Howdy all. I'm Don the Husband of the Boss. I'm the groundskeeper and general handy man of this blog.

Patrice would love to exchange blog links with many of you. However, considering that she is already getting over a thousand visitors a day, many with blogs of their own, it really isn't practical for her (or me for that matter) to list everyone who wants to exchange links. So this is where I come in.

The kind of blogs we will exchange links with must have the following characteristics:
  • They must be updated regularly
  • They must be content related to preparedness/libertarian-conservative/self-sufficiency/survival and or freedom.
  • They must NOT be lewd/racist/profane. And while we don't insist that they be written from a Christian perspective, we do insist that they reflect standards of accepted morality. 
If this sounds like you (or even if it doesn't and you want to argue about it ) feel free to drop me a line at and provide me with your blog address.

All links will be reciprocal, meaning if you aren't going to list us, we won't be listing you.

Thanks all