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The Rural Revolution blog continues to grow, and we now offer banner advertising for select products and services.

All of our advertisers are screened for quality and appropriateness.  We keep all advertising in line with the principles of Patrice's blog by offering products we would be willing to use to further our interests in self-sufficiency, preparedness, and independence.

We offer advertising at the following rates:

pixel size      monthly rate

  160 x 100           $60  
160 x 160           $85
160 x 200          $110
160 x 250          $135
  160 x 300           $160
  160 x 350           $185
  160 x 400           $210

Premium top fixed ad space:
160 x 160        $200
160 x 400        $350

All advertising banners will be placed on the right-hand side of the page above all other information. All ads (except the top-most fixed premium ad) will randomly rotate with each page refresh. There is a minimum two-month contract.  Payment may be made by check, money order,  or credit card (MC, Visa).   Advertising will begin within a maximum of ten days of receipt of payment, and each contracted start date will  begin with the posting date.  The providing of link data and jpg/gif page ready art is the responsibility of the advertiser.

Hope that covers the basics.

Why should you advertise with us?

Stats as of 7/19/14

As you can see, Rural Revolution is growing in readership. Patrice Lewis is a published author and a popular weekly columnist with  She writes on rural issues for numerous magazines, including Backwoods Home Magazine, Molly Green Magazine, Countryside Magazine, and numerous others.  She is a frequent guest speaker at prepping and self-sufficiency conventions. She has a faithful and growing daily audience for her work and her blog.  The Rural Revolution readers are strongly interested in self-sufficiency, preparedness, independence, and country lifestyles.  They insist on high-quality products, services, and customer response. And we intend to see that they get these things.

Thanks for your interest. Please feel free to contact me to arrange for advertising or if you require any more information at:

Husband of the Boss

(Disclaimer: We reserve the right to cancel any advertisement at any time at our discretion for any reason. Naturally, we will refund (on a prorated basis) any remaining advertising days.)

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