Self-Sufficiency Series


The Rural Revolution/Safecastle LLC
Self-sufficiency Essay and/or Video Contest 


Safecastle LLC has announced its 2011/2012 Freedom Awards. To have a chance to win, a contestant must submit an essay (not to exceed 1500 words) or a video (No longer than 6 minutes) on some aspect of self-sufficiency/prepping/survivalism.  The essay or video needs to be submitted to one of the participating blogs (Rural Revolution is one of the 15 blogs participating in this contest.) where it will be published.

 Safecastle Freedom Award 2010-2011 contest rules:

1.  Keep it clean and family-friendly.

2.  Modern attention spans are short. That means, in this new media, we are looking for articles that are concise. 1500 words in a non-fiction article is the maximum length please. For the short-form video, 6 minutes is the limit. Note that shorter just may be better.

3.  Submit your own original article or video to ONLY ONE of the participating blogs or forums for entry into this contest. Note your intention to enter this contest with that submission to the participating website so that there are no mistakes. If it becomes apparent that an entry was submitted to multiple websites as an original sole entry, it will be disqualified from the contest.

4.  Do not plagiarize anyone else's work. The author is solely responsible for the content of his or her article or video. Plagiarization results in the forfeiture of any prizes that may be awarded as well as any potential legal ramifications.

5.  Article and video submissions must be posted originally at a participating blog or forum. For videos such as those first posted to YouTube, they must appear on the sponsoring blog or forum within one week of that YouTube posting to qualify as an original creative eligible for prize consideration in this contest--and not appear somewhere else first.

6.  Original article authors and video creators can enter as many different stories and videos as they wish--but again--see #3 above. To be clear--you MAY submit one creation at one participating website and another creation at another participating website--but not the same original piece at more than one site.

7.  Authors and video producers retain ownership rights to their work, but they also agree that those articles and videos may be subsequently posted at Safecastle's blog, Refuge and/or on Safecastle's store site, without further renumeration.

8.  Contest prizes are awarded only to residents of the continental U.S. where there are no legal constraints to such a contest awards program. Prize winners are responsible for paying any taxes that may be due as a result of their prize awards.

9.  Each participating website will be fully responsible for selecting their own article and video finalists (one of each if they have suitable submissions) by Dec. 31, 2011. Then in January of 2012, a panel of expert judges assembled by Safecastle LLC will manage a playoff judging system to determine the prize winners from among the many finalists.

10. Owners, employees, and their family members of Safecastle and the participating blogs and forums are NOT eligible for participation, recognition, or prizes in this contest.

11.  Contest winning decisions are final and cannot be challenged or altered, except at the sole discretion of Safecastle LLC.

Prizes can be seen here.

In conjunction with the Safecastle contest, Rural Revolution will be awarding to the top ten finalists published on our blog, 10 solid cherry tankards with the rural revolution logo declaring the recipient to be a "Rural Revolutionary.

One additional rule here at our blog:

1. We won't be editing any submission. We'll be posting your entry exactly as we get it. So make sure you cross your t's and dot those i's. If you are uncertain as to your composition abilities, have someone with those skills act as your editor.

So. Want to write about the best kinds of ducks to raise or the best way to raise them? Goat keeping secrets? Building a better cistern? We'll post them. Want to make a video about why prepping is Godly? We'd love to see it. New to the whole prepping scene and want to tell us about your successes (and failures - we all have them)? Send it in! Got an idea for a better chicken tractor? (Yeah, I'm not real sure what it is either. I'm guessing it's a D8 with a processing plant that rolls over the flock and leaves cleaned, plucked, and wrapped birds ready for the freezer.) Let us post it.

Enter often. Enter here